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WildVoicesmusictheatre creates and presents music theatre events and activities with a commitment to trans-disciplinary arts pedagogy, alongside professional practice, and celebrating multiskilling.

Musical, vocal and physical skills are central to our work.

We eschew the concepts of ‘talent’ and ‘gifts’, and instead we focus on relationships, process and long term goals.

We recognise the rigorous work ethic and commitment required for the life of an artist. We see our work as a craft, supported by solid and ongoing training, with professional and sustainable work practices.

We champion the arts as a valid career choice, and as a valuable contributor to modern Australian life – and aim to share our passion for the heritage on which performing arts practice is based.


Take a moment to watch the gallery to the right. Pix are by Miguel Gallagher (stills from a documentary currently being edited) from our 2017 creative development of "Camelia" at The Street Theatre.


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